About #LoonieBobby

Loonie Bobby ????Balloons

Why ????Balloons? A better question is, “Why not ????balloons?” Loonie Bobby offers a myriad of ????balloon types for just as many occasions. The importance and “pop” (pun intended) factor of balloons at a special event can never be understated. Think back to the last ????wedding, ????graduation, ????picnic, ????birthday, or just-because event; ????balloons are not often thought about in these scenarios, but imagine how less-festive the event would be were they not there! You might as well not even have a party.

Parties and ????Balloons

“????Parties” and “????balloons” are as inseparable as “dinner party” and “dinner”; you simply cannot have one without the other. With our varying order sizes and diverse collection of event-themed ????balloons at our disposal, Loonie Bobby is absolutely guaranteed to be your one-stop shop for your event’s ????balloons. No matter the event, the size of the venue, the color, the amount, the number of people, or certainly the number of balloons, Loonie Bobby is not only capable of providing for any scale and type of event, but we are also eager to do so.

Why Loonie Bobby?

Because of our incredibly vast selection, Loonie Bobby is able and proud to offer ????balloons for any and every occasion. Just some of the few specialty ????balloons we offer are for:
• ????Baby showers – welcome an impending little one with bright colors to celebrate their impending arrival.
• ????Weddings – Weddings are often the most-joyous day of any person’s life. Given how balloons so easily bring joy themselves, why wouldn’t you have them add to the merriment?
• ????Easter – Colored eggs, colored balloons, happy-faced children. Need we say more?
• ????Birthdays – Was there ever a birthday party without balloons? You bring the cake and friends, we will make the event even more iconic.
• ????Graduations – You made it! What greater reward for succeeding in education is to see the congratulations and awards, quite literally, floating above you?
• And many more!
We like to highlight these kinds of balloons because they are far more than simply-colored ????balloons, and add a personalized touch to your event.
…not to say that we do not carry tons of colors of regular balloons too – who doesn’t love seeing bundles of those at parties? We certainly do.

Personalization and Customization

No detail about your ????balloon choices will be too specific for us. From wanting all specialty ????balloons that commemorate whatever occasion you require them for, to mono-colored balloons (for that red-themed event that needs even redder in the room), Loonie Bobby leaves no particular detail uncovered. From order size to content, to type, even down to filling the balloons with helium or simple oxygen! As entertaining as a helium-elevated voice can be, Loonie Bobby also fully understands the concept of “safety first”.

Who and Why?

Everyone, and every reason, of course! From the most heavily-detailed ????wedding plan laid out years in advance to the most impromptu “just because” or surprise ????birthday party, Loonie Bobby stands ready and waiting to elevate your fun time to the next level. When those balloons are released to the ceiling, all eyes are on them. Make sure that they are the best kinds of balloons for your guests. Even if they do not watch them for long, we believe your guests are worth the threat of such a spectacle, and our quality balloons are guaranteed to light up the faces of your revelers as they watch these orbs of joy float to the sky.


Loonie Bobby: More than Just Decoration!

Balloons can be more than just eye-teasers and crowd-pleasers at your event, they can be the defining accent for a room. They can be the perfect party favor to give your guests. No matter your age, there is no simple joy greater than realizing that you now have balloons of your own, simply for turning up to that wonderful party! We remember that feeling well and believe that guests should have that same feeling of joy when leaving your event. A gift bag of balloons that remind your guests of how grand your party or event was is guaranteed to bring a smile to their face at reliving all those fun hours.
What’s possible with Loonie Bobby balloons:
• Make birthdays magical with balloons by creating a wonderland of color, and fun.
• Turn that company event that you’re in charge of hosting into a gala.
• A wedding is your special day, don’t let it be dulled-down by mediocre decorations
• Is someone you care about in need of affection? Give them some balloons that will brighten their day, and lift their spirits
• Are you hosting a get together with a bunch of your friends? Fill up the fun with a bunch balloons
• Graduating is a milestone in someone’s life, and now it’s time for the festivities! Drab decorations will NOT do.

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